Willow for Rabbits from Willows Nursery

Ready made woven willow rabbit toys & willow to make your own.

We have known that rabbits like to chew on willow
ever since we started growing it here over 20 years ago ! 

Whilst we continue to do our best to protect our willow from too much damage by wild rabbits, we have now ( at last ! ) realised that we could be providing willow for domestic rabbits (and guinea pigs) too – who will, no doubt, enjoy chewing and gnawing on it just as much !

We are offering ready made rabbit toys, as well as willow that you can use to make your own toys, in our online shop.

Les & Anne Cordes
April 2021


 The toys are made from our own grown willow (unpeeled and not treated with pesticides) and we have used a variety of willow (Salix Viminalis) that we understand has low salicin levels (willow bark contains salicin which is metabolized in the body to create salicylic acid, an early form of aspirin).  Incidentally, this is the wild rabbits’ favourite willow to gnaw at !

 Why give willow toys to rabbits & guinea pigs ?

As well as the fact that chewing willow is beneficial for their teeth (helping to clean them and wear them down) 
the idea is that the toys can be rolled, nudged and tossed and will help to relieve boredom in rabbits and guinea pigs
encouraging active play and exercise.  PLUS if they’re chewing willow they’re not chewing something else you don’t want
them to – because they
do just need to chew !

 As with all toys, it is recommended that pets are not left unattended whilst playing/chewing
and, obviously, they are not made to last – they are meant to be chewed to pieces !

Willow Toy Pack for Rabbits :

Each pack of 4 willow toys will contain one each of :

  • A Willow Spiral ‘Log’ – approx. 6″/15 cm long with an average diameter of 2″/5 cm. (Willow whips encased in a spiral corn dolly weave).
  • A Willow Bundle – 10 x sticks wrapped twice, approx. 10″/25 cm long with an average diameter of 1 ¼”/3 cm.
  • A Willow Hoop – approx. 5″/12.5 cm across the whole hoop with the willow approx 1″/2.5 cm thick.
  • A Hollow Woven Spiral – that you can put your own hay or other ‘herbage’ in for added interest.  Approx. 3″ x 3″/7.5 cm x 7.5 cm.

 The sizes and shapes may vary slightly as all will be individually handmade.

 £12.00 per pack.





Bundles of Salix Viminalis ‘Bowles’ Hybrid willow whips – mixed lengths approximately 2’6″ to 3’6″/ 75 cm to 105 cm.**

(This willow is only intended to be used for weaving projects not as living willow for rooting.) 

Please note that this willow will dry out and, if it is to be used for weaving from around late April onwards, it will need soaking before it is pliable again.  Full instructions for storage and soaking will be provided, but please also see our pages on ‘dead’ willow weaving for more information.

Each bundle will contain around 100 whips of mixed lengths  approximately 2’6″ to 3’6″/ 75 cm to 100 cm long.**

 (The photograph shows 2 x 1/2 bundles of around 50 whips each – it makes packing easier).

If using for making rabbit toys, we would suggest that the willow is rinsed in fresh water before use.

Please note that we are providing willow only, not instructions for making rabbit toys. 

£15.00 per bundle
Ref WK 106C

**We have limited the maximum length of whips in these bundles so that they can be sent with Hermes rather than more expensively with a specialist carrier.

We may have bundles of longer lengths that can be collected by appointment – please get in touch if they would be of interest. 

Delivery Costs
for willow toy packs and special ‘short’ bundles of Salix Viminalis ‘Bowles’ Hybrid :

We will send these with Hermes at a cost of £4.00 – only to UK (excluding N. Ireland – sorry) addresses.
Orders will be sent out first thing on Mondays.  

Orders can be collected from Willows Nursery, but this will need to be by appointment.

Two local pet rabbits testing a willow ring hoop from Willows Nursery
willow toys being enjoyed by rabbits

When we decided to look into offering willow rabbit toys, we asked for volunteers from our nearest neighbouring villages
to test our proposed products.  These photographs are of some of the rabbits that checked out our willow toys. 

We would like to thank them and their owners for their help, positive feedback and photographs.