Living Willow from Willows Nursery

"Your Willow"

Photographs customers have sent to us of their living willow structures

Some of our customer’s have very kindly written or e-mailed to let us know
how much they enjoyed building their living willow structures and then using them.

Some have even sent photographs of their willow structures and have kindly given their permission for us to show them.

We thought it might be helpful for you to see willow growing in ‘normal’ garden and school settings.

Nicola of Hitchin says :

“Thanks for the willow den – we love it. Lots of fun to make and we’ve added dogwood clippings round the bottom to keep the bark chippings in. Can’t wait to see the new growth in the spring.”

March 2013

This is Liz’s Living Willow Arbour in mid construction.
We delivered the willow whips to her in the UK and she took
them to her home in France.

And this is from a different angle shortly
after growth started in the Spring.

This photograph shows how Cassie Liversidge, Paul the Gardener and the children at Chisenhale Primary School in London have put two of our ‘Adapted’ Dome Kits plus some extra whips to an imaginative use in the limited planting space of their playground.

Gareth & Lara’s Standard Dome Kit
newly planted in Rugby.

These fantastic mature willow structures were initially created by Peter and Zetta in 2004 from willow collected from our nursery.
They kindly, more recently, got back in touch to say how happy they are with their willow and to send these current photographs (April 2011).

Caryl near Rushden Northants planted one of our Dome kits.  The photographs show the structure as planted in early March, with good growth in May and then in the August, with some of the growing season still to go, and new growth woven in.

Above is a photograph of a Half Bower made by John in Scarborough using our kit.

Below is his view from it !!!!

Chris and Frankie on the Isle of Wight used some of our 9 ft long whips to create a living willow
structure to their own design, as shown in the photograph below, a few weeks after planting.

… And five years later …

Above is a tunnel and below is a half bower freshly planted
by Sarah Scott and children at Winteringham Primary School.

Robert wanted to create a low fedge/screen with a simple archway in planters. 

As we discussed with him, planting willow in planters or tubs is not ideal, but he was prepared to give it a try and collected a Fedge A Kit and some 11 ft long whips from us.

He knows that he will need to keep it well watered and fed – and adding a mulch covering will help with water retention later on – and that the growth will not be as vigorous as if it was planted in the ground.

He collected and planted in early December – hence the lights for Christmas ! – and it looks great !


. . . . And below is a photograph Robert sent to us in June showing how well it is growing !





This photograph was kindly sent to us in June
by Nicola in Northumberland of the
Living Willow Large Half Bower Kit she planted a few months earlier.




Thank you to Toby & Chelle in Hampshire for their photograph taken just after planting their living willow structure made with our Living Willow Large Dome Kit in 2020. 

Great construction/planting – but we can’t take any credit at all for their lovely setting !





Thank you to Debbi in Berkshire for her photographs taken just after planting her living willow structure made with our Living Willow Dome Kit WK105 in early 2021 and then again in July 2021. 

 She said “I thought it would hard to build, but it wasn’t. It was really easy . . . . I had fun building it.” 





Large Dome Bower kit from willows nursery planted by customer




Thank you to Graham from Wiltshire who has kindly sent us a photograph of his Large Dome Kit showing new growth in early May (having been planted in December).

Thank you to Gaynor for these photographs of one of our Wigwam Kits at a Community Garden in Sunderland.

Living Willow Wigwam Kit WK100 from Willows Nursery

Winter 2022/23 season

Thank you to Margaret in Lancashire for sending us this photograph of her Half Bower Kit WK111 which she has just planted !

Winter 2022/23 season

This is Linda from Glasgow’s Living Willow Tunnel Kit WK102 – planted within 24 hours of it being delivered !

Braided Harlequin willow tree made from kit

Winter 2022/23 season

Kim in Devon has kindly sent us a photograph of the Braided Harlequin Willow Tree she has just made from one of our kits – beautifully made and looking great in its new setting.

Winter 2022/23 season

 Another great Half Bower Kit WK111 !

 Judith from East Sussex sent us a photograph of her completed structure (the day after the willow was delivered!) and also some lovely comments which she said we could quote “The willow whips arrived in good condition & were well packed.  The instructions were easy to follow and I am pleased with how it is looking!  I can’t wait for spring and the first buds to appear! “



Living willow half bower kit from Willows Nursery
Living willow half bower kit from willows nursery
Living Willow Tunnel Kit from Willows Nursery

Winter 2022/23 season

A Half Bower Kit WK111 and a Tunnel Kit WK102

Linda from Glasgow kindly sent us photographs of her structures showing early Spring growth.




We hope that these photographs have been of interest to you – and if you buy any of our willow whips or kits
and would like to share what you have built, we would be very pleased to see your photographs.