Segways at Willows Nursery

About the Session

Sorry, we are not taking bookings

We have decided not to re-open for Segway sessions after the Covid 19 lockdown. 

(The plant nursery will continue as normal).

 We would like to thank everyone who has come to Segway over the last 10 years !

 We have now sold our surplus Segways
(having, of course, kept several for our own use ?!)

In these photographs you can see most of our site including the grass tracks used for Segwaying .  The enlargement is of the centre of the main photograph.

The tracks are about 5 ft wide and other tracks run under and through trees.

“Feel the wind in your face as you ‘glide’ on a virtually silent Segway,
around our 18 acre site in the Northamptonshire countryside

Our site is a mix of open grassland, willow growing areas, planted gardens and plant nursery – only a small part
of the site is used for shade tunnel growing areas for the Hardy Cyclamen and Dwarf Box plants – with the planted
out stock plants and the willow plantations adding to the interest and enjoyment on the Segway routes.

We use the Segway X2 which is a more rugged version of the second generation machines and ideal for our conditions.


After sorting out forms, helmets and payment, you will be given a demonstration of how to handle a Segway.

You will then receive one to one tuition to make sure that you can control your
Segway safely, following which you will be lead and assessed through our training areas.

For initial training your speed will be limited to the training ‘tortoise’ mode.  However, as riding Segways is, generally,
very quickly mastered, 
adults (16 years old and older) will be ‘un-tortoised’ for the accompanied tour of our site. 

The tour is is to familiarise you with the various routes you can follow and instructions will be given
on how to ride safely over and around the different ground conditions and features on the day. 

For the remainder of the hour session (usually around 40 minutes depending on the group size and ability)
you will ride the 
Segways unaccompanied and will be free to Segway at your own pace (fast or not so fast as
you prefer – and as conditions dictate) with your friends/family.

The maximum speed achievable on a Segway is 12.5 mph.

And as well as the enjoyable site with varied (level and uneven) terrain, you may also see some of our ‘wild’ regular
visitors – hares, muntjac deer, green and greater spotted woodpeckers, moorhens and other birds.

We offer morning and afternoon sessions on weekdays and weekends.
Ggenerally from March to late Autumn – subject to the weather and ground conditions.

Please use the links at the top of the page or below to see further information about our Segway Sessions.

You can see updates from us on our Facebook page ‘Segway at Willows’ and we also have a TripAdvisor entry where you can see comments from previous customers.