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Hopefully, this will only be for a few weeks.

We will continue to take advance orders for willow ready for the winter willow season.

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Les and Anne Cordes

23 June 2024

You can buy 5 x Cyclamen Coum Corms for
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Pink is the dominant flower colour (the range of pinks can be seen in the photographs below) but this collection may include corms of the less common white   flowered form. They will all be mature enough to have flowered here at the Nursery at least one year previously in our nursery beds. They are sent out bare-rooted.

You can see further information about Cyclamen Coum below.

Cyclamen Coum from Willows Nursery

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Cyclamen Coum has been granted the Royal Horticultural Society’s Award of Garden Merit [AGM] which means that it is a variety of plant considered to be of “outstanding excellence” for ornamental garden use – it is intended to help gardeners chose plants of “all round garden value” and we agree that Cyclamen Coum is definitely that ! 

This wonderful variety of cyclamen brightens the depths of winter with white, pink or magenta flowers from late December to March which provide valuable colour and interest in the garden.

After summer dormancy, the leaves show above ground first (from late September) and provide ground cover through winter until late spring.

The rounded leaves range from plain dark green to striking silver/grey-green and almost pure silver in colour.

The pink or white flowers (approx. 4 inches/10 cm high) start to show in late December/early January giving colour until the Spring.

Like Hederifolium, Coum self-seeds freely and naturalises well and gives a marvelous show, Coum can be planted with other winter bulbs, such as snowdrops, to give a great contrasting display.

It is totally hardy in the British Isles and is happy in shaded well-drained locations.

It is a popular garden plant in the UK originating in nature from an area centred on the eastern Mediterranean. 

These cyclamen are dormant during the late Spring/Summer. 

The corms will increase in size and continue their display for many years.


Cyclamen Coum from Willows Nursery
Cyclamen Coum from Willows Nursery Feb 2018
Cyclamen Coum from Willows Nursery in the snow

Cyclamen Coum is totally hardy in the UK – this photograph shows one of our nursery beds with a light covering of snow.  The plants will be fine even after heavy snowfall.

Cyclamen Coum from Willows Nursery

This photograph shows the range of flower colours and leaf
forms – however, these corms have been grown more closely in their 
nursery bed than we suggest you plant


We send our Cyclamen orders by First Class Post or with EVRi (formerly Hermes) at a cost of £4.00 per order.
We only send to UK (excluding N. Ireland) addresses.

We will be sending out orders on Mondays and Wednesdays (first thing) – Tuesdays and Wednesdays after bank holidays.


Please note that we sell living corms (plants) not dried corms – they need to be planted as soon as they are received !  If you are unable to plant your cyclamen outside immediately upon receipt, please store them temporarily in a tray of soil or compost, covering the the top of the corms loosely and keep damp.

All of our cyclamen are grown here at the nursery from our own seed. They are not “forced” for a quick turn-over but are grown slowly to produce firm corms (not full of water). This way they transplant well without suffering. 

Cultivation :

When planting out, choose a location sheltered by trees and shrubs. Most species of Cyclamen need shelter from the wind and driving rain and also shade in varying degrees – however, a well-drained soil is essential !

Due to their Mediterranean region of origin, cyclamen actually thrive under shrubs and trees where little else will grow because of the shady, dry summer conditions.  This makes them a valuable addition to any garden with such ‘problem spots’.

If, like us, you have heavy soil, then ‘open up’ the soil structure by adding small gravel (up to 6 mm) and sharp sand, which will also serve to raise the soil level which will be beneficial for drainage – the most important thing to remember when siting and planting Cyclamen is that the plants will most definitely not thrive in waterlogged conditions.  

The corms should be planted at least 1 ft apart if grown as a block.

Plant so that the top of the corms are approximately 1inch/2.5 cm below the surface, covering all growth loosely except open leaves, open flowers and seed pods (which look like coiled springs and ripen and burst during the summer).