Segways at Willows Nursery

Group Sessions

Sorry, we are not taking bookings

We have decided not to re-open for Segway sessions after the Covid 19 lockdown. 

(The plant nursery will continue as normal).

 We would like to thank everyone who has come to Segway over the last 10 years !

 We have now sold our surplus Segways
(having, of course, kept several for our own use ?!)

Bring your group of friends and family,
club or organisation for a Segway session.
Please ensure that everyone included in your booking can comply with
our Terms and Conditions (particularly with regard to age, weight and
medical conditions) to avoid disappointment.
The first group session using the bus.
You can book a one hour or a two hour session at the following prices.

One Hour Session
These are the prices for our standard
one hour Segway Sessions for up to 8 people at a time.

£55 for two people (use of a Segway each).
£80 for three people (use of a Segway each).
£100 for four people (use of a Segway each).
£120 for five people (use of a Segway each).
£140 for six people (use of a Segway each).
£160 for seven people (use of a Segway each).
* £180 for eight people (use of a Segway each). * see below for a special offer.

Two Hour Session
These Segway Sessions are for 9 to 16 people at a time.
(Everyone will have an hour in total on a Segway).

Five Segways (9 or 10 people) – £220.00
Six Segways (11 or 12 people) – £240.00
Seven Segways (13 or 14 people) – £260.00
Eight Segways (15 or 16 people) – £280.00

The larger the group the less the cost per person – so, for example, a
group of 16 people can book eight Segways for a two hour session (£280.00)
and each person can have 60 minutes in total on a Segway at a cost
that works out at just £17.50 each !

We offer morning and afternoon sessions on weekdays and weekends.
(Generally from March to late Autumn – subject to the weather
and ground conditions)
D383 XRS – Lilian Annie’s arrival in 2014

Please click here for more
information about her.

For our popular 2 Hour Group Segway Session Bookings :
(for 9 to 16 people sharing 5 to 8 Segways over a 2 hour session)

We have a small building with tables, chairs and tea and coffee making
facilities that can be used, at no extra cost, as a base for your session.

Also, as an additional base close to the building, you will have the use
of D383 XRS (Lilian Annie) a Leyland Olympian Double Decker Bus.

So, when it isn’t your turn on a Segway, you can watch
the others from the comfort of either deck of Lilian Annie.
She can also provide a comfortable viewing platform for any
friends or family who will not be Segwaying.  We have removed
some seats – to provide more legroom – and rearranged
others to create a more sociable seating area.

You are welcome to bring your own food and cake if you would like
to make the session into more of a celebration/party (sorry – no alcohol).

* Special Offer for Groups of Eight People *
* Special Offer for Groups of Eight People *
If you are booking a one hour Segway session for 8 people we are happy
to also offer you – subject to the timings of other Segway sessions on
the day – the use of the double decker bus and tea and coffee making
facilities for up to one hour after your Segway Session if you would like
to make the session into more of a celebration/party and bring your own
food (sorry – no alcohol). Please email or give us a call to discuss this option. *

Please get in touch if you would like any further details.

01536 791371 or e-mail 

The top deck

The bottom deck

Segway Hen do
Sarah (Head Bridesmaid) booked a 2 hour
Segway session as part of Lydia’s Hen Weekend.
Segway Hen do

D383 XRS double decker bus - viewed from Segway tracks part way down the Segway site.

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You can see updates from us on our Facebook page ‘Segway at Willows’ and we also have a TripAdvisor entry where you can see comments from previous customers.