Leyland Olympian D383 XRS

Her history has been closely linked with her ‘twin’ sister bus D384 XRS and we
believe that the information below is correct – gathered from online research (put the
registration into Google and you will find lots of photographs of them in service
throughout their lives ) and from their most recent owners.

They started their work with Northern Scottish in May 1987 and originally had a door in the centre of the lower deck.

This was removed in the summer of 1991 before they were transferred to
Stagecoach/United Counties (Bedford) where they remained in service until they moved to Springfield
Bus and Coach (Warrington) in December 2007 here they gained their current livery colours.

In 2010 D384 XRS went into preservation before being taken back into ‘active service’
with Lawson’s of Corby where she rejoined D383 XRS who had moved south and was serving as a school
bus for Corby Business Academy until the end of term before Christmas 2013.

William Lawson names his buses and coaches for female family members – Lilian Annie is his mother.

D383 XRS has now retired from the road and arrived at Willows on 2nd January 2014.

 . . .  D384 XRS has returned to preservation.


In service in Scotland

Ready for her first Segway Session

Viewed from part of the training area.

Viewed from Segway tracks part way down the Segway site.