Bundle of 20 x 50 cm long Salix Viminalis ‘Bowles Hybrid’ chunky willow sticks : W221


Ref W221 : A natural product to help maintain healthy teeth and relieve boredom in rabbits and guinea pigs.

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Bundle of 20 x 50 cm long Salix Viminalis ‘Bowles Hybrid’ chunky willow stick : Ref W221

This willow is supplied for rabbits or similar pets that like to chew on willow – not as living willow for rooting.

This is our own grown willow (unpeeled and not treated with pesticides) and is a variety of willow (Salix Viminalis) that we understand has low salicin levels (willow bark contains salicin which is metabolized in the body to create salicylic acid, an early form of aspirin).  Incidentally, this is the wild rabbits’ favourite willow to gnaw at here !

Each bundle will contain 20 chunky willow sticks – you can see the general size (which will vary a little) from the photographs which have a standard pencil added for scale.

Why give willow to rabbits & guinea pigs ?  As well as the fact that chewing willow is beneficial for their teeth (helping to clean them and wear them down) it will help to relieve boredom in rabbits and guinea pigs encouraging active play and exercise whilst they manoeuvre the willow to chew it.

PLUS if they’re chewing willow they’re not chewing something else you don’t want them to – because they do just need to chew !

It is recommended that pets are not left unattended whilst playing/chewing and, obviously, the willow is not intended to last – it is meant to be chewed to pieces !

We would suggest that the willow is rinsed in fresh water before use.

The cost per bundle is £14.00

Delivery will be with EVRi (formerly Hermes) at a cost of £4.00 – only to UK (excluding N. Ireland – sorry) addresses.
Orders will be sent on Mondays and Wednesdays.

Orders can be collected from Willows Nursery, but this will need to be by appointment – just select the ‘Collect’ option for delivery at the checkout.



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