CYCLAMEN HEDERIFOLIUM – Collection of 10 corms – Pre-Order for despatch from May 2024


Autumn flowering hardy cyclamen

Out of stock


Orders for Cyclamen Hederifolium will be sent when the cyclamen are dormant from May 2024.


These corms will mostly be of the pink flowered form but the collection may include a few corms with white flowers.


They will all be mature enough to have flowered at least one year previously here at the Nursery.


These corms should give a good display in their first season with you and get better every year.


Plant about 1 ft apart or individually around the garden.


The corms are lifted from our nursery beds and are sent out bare-rooted.


Please note we sell living corms (plants) not dried corms.


They need planting as soon as they are received.


10 Corms for £17.00 – Ref CH10


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