Salix Purpurea “Abbeys” W783


Salix Purpurea (Purple Willow) : Named for the colourful catkins. Generally a little smaller and slightly less vigorous than our other varieties, but the more colourful and more slender elegant stems will more than make up for this if you have a more sheltered location. Long, narrow, blue/green leaves and 4 to 6 ft of fresh stem growth each year. Need to cut back regularly to obtain the coloured fresh growth, which is ideal for finer rods for basket making.

Salix Purpurea “Abbeys” - Orange/Red stems

The cuttings are 10 inches long and supplied in bundles of 10 cuttings.

(Please note - when you click 'Add to Cart'  ten cuttings will be added to the cart - please then change the quantity to the number of bundles of cuttings you wish to order)

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