Segways at Willows Nursery

Important Segway Rider Safety Information


The Segway’s unique self-balancing ability and ease of use can lead to overconfidence !

To avoid risk of injury due to collisions, falls or loss of control – follow all verbal and written instructions and warnings !

Dress appropriately for the weather conditions.  Wear flat, secure, closed toe footwear.
Do not wear loose clothing or jewellery that can get caught on the Segway.

When Riding a Segway :

    • Do not make sharp or sudden movements or ride aggressively :
      Do not accelerate or stop or shift your weight abruptly.
      Do not rock the Segway backwards and forwards. Do not turn abruptly.
    • Do not ride backwards – except to manoeuvre a few feet if turning on the spot is not possible.
      Instead turn the Segway and ride forward.
      Do not turn or move quickly whilst manoeuvring backwards.
    • Do not let go of the Segway unless you are sure it will stay still.
      Unless it is resting against something, it may roll forward and cause injury or damage before it shuts down.
    • Do not pull the Segway towards you as you step off.
      Only step off backwards – do not step off forwards.
    • Always keep your body in line with the Lean Steer Frame.
      Lean into turns.
      Lean uphill when riding across a slope.
    • Lean back to control your speed when riding down a slope.
    • Keep both hands on the handlebars and both feet centrally on the mats.
    • Do not use a camera or mobile ‘phone whilst riding.
    • The Segway’s Speed Limiter will cause the handlebar to push back when it approaches the maximum speed for the conditions. You can overpower the balancing ability of the Segway by aggressively leaning onto and ignoring the Speed Limiter – do not do it !
      When the handlebar pushes back – stop leaning forward, lean back and slow down.
      Always leave a gap between yourself and the handlebar. Do not lean onto or over the handle bar.
    • Look where you are going and be alert to ground conditions and obstacles.
      Ride centrally on the tracks.
      Maintain a safe distance between you and other Segway riders and other objects.
      Plan ahead and identify hazards and obstacles so that you can manoeuvre safely.
      Maintain tyre contact with the ground.
    • Do not race with other Segway riders.
    • Only ride the Segway in the areas instructed.
    • Always ride under control and at a speed that is safe for you and those around you.
    • In uneven ground conditions ride more carefully and manoeuvre even more smoothly and slowly.
    • In wet or muddy conditions ride more carefully and manoeuvre even more smoothly and slowly.
    • The Segway will perform a Safety Shutdown if it detects a fault – it will slow down, the handlebar will shake and there will be a growling/grumbling sound.
      If this happens come to a stop, carefully step off and do not attempt to ride again until the problem has been identified and corrected.