Segways at Willows Nursery

Who Can Do It ?

No ‘special skills’ are needed to learn to ride Segways and there are no complicated controls to learn, however, for safety and practical reasons there are some limitations that have to be placed on users.

Please ensure that everyone included in your booking can (and is prepared to)
comply with these requirements to avoid disappointment on the day.

* The Segway is a very safe machine to use if handled correctly and if the training and safety advice is followed, however, there are inherent risks that could result in death or injury if you do not do so.  In accordance with our insurance requirements and standard safety procedures we do require you to dress appropriately (ie not long or very baggy clothing and do wear flat, ‘sensible’, secure, closed toe footwear – ie not flip flops or sandals) and to wear a safety helmet which will be provided.

* You don’t need to be very fit or ‘sporty’ but you do need to be able to step on and off the Segway unassisted – if you can go up and down steps without help or needing to hold onto a handrail then you will be fine, and you do need to be able to lean and be comfortable standing for the duration of the session.

* Children from age 12 years old upwards can enjoy a Segway ride (subject to their weight – see below).
Under 16 year olds must be accompanied on the session by a responsible adult (ie parent/guardian/grandparent) on a Segway, (no more than two children per booking/session).
For safety reasons they will stay on the training (slower) mode for the session and their parent/responsible adult will be expected to ride close by at their pace to supervise them.
This should not affect anyone’s enjoyment of the session.

* There are also weight limits for rider safety and to avoid damage to the Segway as follows –

Minimum rider weight 100 lbs (7 st) 45 kg
Maximum rider weight 260 lbs (18.5 st) 117 kg
(We reserve the right to weigh riders if necessary)

* Riding Segways is not suitable for pregnant women or if you have a serious health condition (serious health condition includes (but is not restricted to) a heart condition, epilepsy or a medical condition that may be aggravated in the event
of a fall


Please use the links at the top of the page or below to see further information about our Segway Sessions.

You can see updates from us on our Facebook page ‘Segway at Willows’ and we also have a TripAdvisor entry where you can see comments from previous customers.

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