Living Willow from Willows Nursery

Living Willow Dome & Bower Gallery


This page has a selection of photographs of our different Living Willow
Dome & Bower Kits here at Willows Nursery –  you can click on them for larger images

They show the structures at different stages of their ‘lives’ (often over a number of years) and throughout the seasons.

You can also see photographs of some of our customers’ structures on the “Your Willow” page

Living Willow Half Bower Kits – planted in a semi-circle with an open front. Ideal for over a bench.

Living Willow Dome Kits – planted in a circle.  You can vary the width of the opening – ideal for over a bench or as a child’s den.

Please use the links below to visit our other living willow structure kit galleries
and to see further information about our living willow.