Braided Harlequin Willow Tree Kit WK-H24  Only available in Salix Triandra Norfolk


(Double weave).

Out of stock


Willow Variety :

Please note, we can now only supply Salix Triandra ‘Norfolk’,  the darker stemmed variety.

This kit will create a Harlequin willow tree using a double whip weave.


You will receive :

24 x 1 m long trimmed whips of a single variety of willow.

1 x 5 m soft bendy tie pack for you to cut to usable lengths – to use to secure whips in place during the ‘making’ process.

A quantity of raffia – for securing the top of the whips once completed.

Full printed instructions plus links to online videos.


Delivery will be by EVRi (formerly Hermes) at a cost of £4.00 – only to UK (excluding N. Ireland – sorry) addresses.

Please provide directions and leaving instructions during the checkout process if necessary to help avoid delays.

Please see our ‘About Harlequin willow tree kits’ page for more information about these kits.

Please Note : The photographs show both double and triple woven Harlequin willow trees – this kit will create one Harlequin willow tree using a double weave.



Ref WK-H24  – £30.00

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