Bundle of Salix Purpurea Abbeys willow whips WK106E – mixed lengths 2’6″ to 3’6″/ 75 cm to 105 cm


Suitable for small willow weaving projects.

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Bundle of Salix Purpurea Abbeys willow whips - mixed lengths 2'6" to 3'6"/ 75 cm to 105 cm.**


This product will be sent freshly cut during the living willow season - early December to late February.  If we still have any available, you can order dried willow bundles for delivery before then from this part of our online shop.


(If we have any left after the living willow season, they will be available to order dried/drying.)


This is a 'finer' more traditional weaving willow variety (than Salix Viminalis 'Bowles Hybrid') willow.

Please note that this willow will dry out and, if it is to be used for weaving from around late April onwards, it will need soaking before it is pliable again.  Full instructions will be provided, but please also see our pages on ‘dead’ willow weaving for more information.

Each bundle will contain approximately 100 whips.

Please note that we are providing willow only, not weaving instructions - the additional photographs are included only as examples of possible projects that this willow can be used for - you can see more ideas here.


The final photograph shows the dried colour of this variety.


**We have limited the maximum length of these bundles so that they can be sent with Hermes rather than more expensively with a specialist carrier.


Longer lengths of this variety may be available - please get in touch to check on availability .


Ref WK 106E   £18.00


Delivery will be by Hermes at a cost of £4.00only to UK (excluding N. Ireland - sorry) addresses.  

Orders can be collected from Willows Nursery, but this will need to be by appointment - just select the 'Collect' option for delivery at the checkout.



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