'Dead' Willow Bundles :

‘Dead’ Willow’ ** What we mean by ‘dead’ is that this willow is intended to be used for weaving rather than as living willow for rooting. However, if you order either of the two longer length bundles for delivery in winter they will have been freshly cut so, if you wish, you can use them to create living willow sculptures or very small structures – please let us know if you plan to plant them so that we can send you the freshest cut material. Some customers also like to use this willow to weave into living willow structures to provide extra detail. However, please note that, as it is not pushed into the ground to root, after a few years it will decay and fall away.

** Please note that this willow will dry out and, if it is to be used for weaving from around late April onwards, it will need soaking before it is pliable again. Full instructions will be provided. We are can supply bundles of either mixed 3 to 5 foot lengths, mixed 4 to 6 foot lengths and mixed 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 foot lengths.

Subject to availability, these bundles can be purchased outside the living willow season.

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