‘Dead’ Willow Bundle – mixed 4 ft to 6 ft lengths of Salix Viminalis “Bowles Hybrid”



Bundle of mixed 4 to 6 ft lengths of ‘Dead’ Willow :  (Salix Viminalis “Bowles Hybrid”) This willow is suitable for ‘rough’ weaving, say, around living structures, border edging etc. (it’s not a variety considered to be basket weaving quality) or, when freshly cut, for small living willow sculptures etc

Please let us know if you plan to plant the whips so that we can send you the freshest cut material. Bundles are approximately 8 inches in diameter at the base and generally contain (very roughly) two hundred rods.

(The photograph shows the two halves of a whole bundle – it’s easier to wrap them that way !)

This item must be delivered by a carrier at a cost of £19.00 per order and cannot be sent by First Class post.

Ref WK 106B   



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