Willows is a small plant nursery owned and run by us – Les & Anne Cordes – with the name for the nursery
coming from a weeping willow originally here on the bare field site when we arrived plus the willow we planted
for much needed windbreaks for our original (and still important) venture – Hardy Cyclamen. 

BUT THEN we realised just how varied, interesting and useful willow could be .  .  .  .  !

Living willow can be used to create height, form and interest in a garden or play area
attractive, environmentally friendly, practical, useable structures – dens, tunnels,
shaded seating areas, wigwams, ‘fedges’ and more – 
and it’s fun and easy ! 

You don’t need to be an expert gardener or good at DIY*.  Willow roots and establishes very
easily when you plant freshly cut willow (long whips or short cuttings) into the ground in Winter – and
if you buy one of our living willow structure kits you will receive full, easy to follow, planting instructions.
Alternatively you can buy the whips individually and plant to your own design.

(* You might notice that we use the words ‘plant’ and ‘build’ equally through this
website regarding creating living willow structures – it really is a bit of both ! )

Please be aware that the cutting/planting season is fairly short for planting unrooted living willow – generally
early December to late
February.  However, you can place your order in advance of the season and we will send
your willow as soon as you are ready to plant during that period.

We send living willow orders throughout the UK – to private individuals, schools, nurseries, and landscaping businesses.

We have our own stock plants for propagation, and our own willow beds provide cuttings of our best varieties of ‘functional’, weaving and ornamental willows – for you to grow windbreaks, attractive garden plants or to provide your own weaving material – and long willow whips, for you to create your own living willow structures and sculptures.

We also sell willow for traditional weaving (or ‘dead’ weaving as we refer to it, to differentiate from our ‘living’ willow – which
is intended to grow).  Please have a look at this page if that is of interest to you.

Please Note : Living willow orders are only available
for delivery and planting from early December to late February.

Please Note : Living willow orders are only available
for delivery and planting from early December to late February.

For more information, please have a look through the different sections of our website.

There are photographs of living willow structures throughout our website, but you can see more in our
Living Willow Dome & Bower Gallery, Living Willow Tunnel Gallery and Living Willow Fedge Gallery.

We hope that you will find them interesting and helpful – but please
get in touch if you have any questions or if we can help further.

Les & Anne Cordes

We are now offering ready made rabbit toys,
s well as willow that you can use to make your own toys. 
You can see more information on this page
and order securely in our online shop.

Anne, April 2021.

Willow rabbit toys to buy from Willows Nursery

Living willow adds interest, form and structure throughout the year.

The Fedge A Kit is shown in winter,
9 years after being planted – the original stems have thickened over time and pressure grafted together.


The Wigwam Kit has just been planted.

The Small Dome Kit is shown in the Spring a couple of years after being planted.

Anne Cordes is a member of The Basketmakers’ Association – please visit their website if you would like
to find out more about the Association or the many and varied willow courses run by other members.

Please visit this page for more information about ‘dead’ willow weaving
and to see some photographs of Anne’s weaving projects.